Thursday, June 2, 2011

Saturn in the Raw

The Cassini mission to Saturn is revolutionizing our understanding of the planet, its moons, rings and more. You can see wonderfully processed images on their website and on the CICLOPS, the website of the imaging team.

One of the nice things about the mission is the ability to see raw, unprocessed images before they get cleaned up for mass consumption. Here is a wonderful film of Cassini's raw images. They are chalk full of cosmic ray streaks, out of focus dust specks and other things.  In spite of all that, it is beautiful.

CASSINI MISSION from cabbas on Vimeo.

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  1. Haunting video! As says :

    Chris’s labor of video love involved taking multiple photographs from the mission and assembling them into this beautifully stylized short film, and in the process he has shown NASA exactly what they need to be doing more of: making space sexy again. If I was a NASA exec I wouldn’t waste one second in contacting Chris and have him produce more stunning works like this for the rest of their missions.