Saturday, July 14, 2012

Arthur C. Clarke on Light Pollution

I can't tell you how many of Arthur C. Clarke's books I have read. I have a dozen or so in my collection today, but have read many times that. His words took me far across the universe and back again many times. He was certainly one of the authors who helped to cement my love of astronomy, space and science fiction.

Back in 2001 Clarke recorded a short message of support for the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) and its efforts to fight light pollution. I remember seeing a quote from it in an IDA newsletter when Clarke passed away in 2008.

Flash forward to 2012 where I am now working for the IDA. I was going through some old junk at the office, deciding what should be tossed and what should be kept when I ran across the Clarke video tape. After some effort finding a working VCR I confirmed that this indeed was the message that Clarke had recorded for IDA back in 2001 (a good year for it, don't you think?).

I didn't know if other copies of the tape had been made or not, but I knew that it had to be preserved and seen. I got it digitized and just recently had the chance to put it together and post it up for the world to see. So here it is:

I am happy to have found the tape and that I could help to get Sir Arthur's message out to the world.