Saturday, November 19, 2011

Amazing Jupiter

Check out this awesome video of Jupiter from the Pic du Midi Observatory in France:

Credit: Jupiter observed with the 1 meter Telescope at the Pic du Midi observatory, and a Basler Scout Camera. Crédit : S2P / IMCCE / OPM / JL Dauvergne / Elie Rousset / Eric Meza / Philippe Tosi / François Colas / Jean Pajus / Xavi Nogués / Emil Kraaikamp

Pretty impressive for even a professional observatory.  Perhaps even more impressive is the work being done by Damian Peach with a 14-inch (0.35 meter) telescope. His imaging and movies of Jupiter and the other planets are just as good as the movie above, maybe even better. If you haven't been to his website you should check it out.

We are in a golden age of astro imaging.

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