Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Monsoon Sunsets

There is so much to love about Arizona's monsoon sunsets. We've had some good ones lately and quite often the view is just as great in the east as it is in the west.

Last Saturday night was a great example.
In the west was this cumulonimbus cloud that looks to me like a cartoon face seen in profile.
While that view was nice, the view to the east was even better with a nearly full moon rising above the remnants of storm clouds.
 Tonight was another great example of a sunset that was wonderful everywhere you looked.
To our northeast was this cumulonimbus that was catching the glow of sunset while dumping welcomed rains on the Santa Catalina Mountains.
Looking to the west a few minutes later and we were given a nice show of crepuscular rays that extended all the way to the east (making them anticrepuscular rays).
A wonderful sight!

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