Monday, June 2, 2014

ISS in Our Skies This Week

We just had a nice passage of the International Space Station (ISS). I managed to grab a few pics. There were some cirrus clouds illuminated by the Moon, but I got a couple that I liked.
CanonT2i, 30 sec., f/5.6 ISO 3200
The trail of the ISS passing to the left of the Moon and Regulus and the backwards question mark of Leo, the Lion.
CanonT2i, 30 sec., f/5.6 ISO 3200
ISS passing just under the stars of the Big Dipper.

Tomorrow night it will pass even higher in our sky. Look for it in the Tucson area from 8:20 pm till 8:31, with it being at its highest (77 degrees) at 8:25 p.m. Speaking of the space station, if you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out the live HD streaming video from orbit. It's pretty fantastic.

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