Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sunset and Space Station

Here is this evening's sunset as seen from my back yard:
Tragically, I caught it after its maximum brilliance, but still, it isn't too bad.

Just like last night, there was a nice passage of the International Space Station in our skies. This one was a little earlier and had a bit more moonlight. Both factors made the sky brighter than last night.
Here are two 30-second long exposures stacked together. That's the bright, over exposed moon at right with the star Regulus above, left of it. The space station was moving up from the bottom (southwest) of the frame toward the top. That's Mars near the very top of the frame, left of center.
Here's a single 30-second exposure of the ISS passing into the northeast part of the sky. The brightest star in the frame is Arcturus.

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