Sunday, April 17, 2016

Star Trek: Season Two Redux

Yes, I've been blogging about the original Star Trek series for a while and I've just completed my last episode from its second season, so here is my list of the top 10 episodes of season two.
#10 The Apple - Kirk plays the role of the devil, casting out a civilization from paradise, but its okay as he needed to do so to save his ship. Oh, and Spock gets hit by lightning. I suspect that few others would put this in their top 10 list, but this is my guilty pleasure choice.

Favorite Line: "All the world knows about Vaal. He causes the rains to fall and the sun to shine. All good comes from Vaal."
#9 By Any Other Name - Alien invaders from another galaxy seize the Enterprise and learn what it means to be human. This is perhaps another guilty pleasure choice, but it's my list, so why not?

Favorite Line: "It's green."
#8 Mirror, Mirror - There's an alternate universe where Spock is evil and wears a beard. A beard! What's not to love? Well, plenty, but if you just go with it, it is pretty fun. This episode spawned a whole bunch of sequels in Deep Space Nine, Enterprise and an awesome one from Star Trek Continues too.

Favorite Line: "In every revolution, there's one man with a vision. "
#7 Obsession - Lots of Red Shirts die as Kirk must destroy a Killer Outer Space Vampire Cloud. Still, it is good stuff.

Favorite Line: "Mister Spock, why aren't you dead?"
#6 The Ultimate Computer - A classic Kirk vs. Computer Episode, only this time it's personal, as the computer, M5, may put Kirk out of a job.

Favorite Line: "We're invincible. Look what we've done. Your mighty starships, Four toys to be crushed as we choose!"
#5 The Trouble With Tribbles - Rapidly breeding, but adorable fur balls eat a lot of GMO grain and threaten a space station with ecological disaster through rapid population growth, while inadvertently uncovering a Klingon plot. It is oodles of fun.

Favorite Line: "Surely you must have realized what would happen if you removed the tribbles from their predator-filled environment into an environment where their natural multiplicative proclivities would have no restraining factors."
# 4 Who Mourns for Adonais? -  Michael Forest plays the Greek god Apollo, who demands that Kirk and his crew worship him. A wonderful episode, that also has a great sequel from Star Trek Continues.

Favorite Line: "I offer you more than your wildest dreams have ever imagined. You'll become the mother of a new race of gods. You'll inspire the universe. All men will revere you almost as a god yourself. And I shall love you for time without end, worlds without end. You shall complete me, and I you." - How's that for a pick up line?
# 3 Journey to Babel -  We get to meet Spock's parents as the Enterprise escorts a ship full of ambassadors to a peace conference that is threatened by dangerous foes. It's just awesome.

Favorite Line: "Mother, how can you have lived on Vulcan so long, married a Vulcan, raised a son on Vulcan, without understanding what it means to be a Vulcan?" Honorable mention: "Tellarites do not argue for reasons. They simply argue."
# 2 Amok Time - Kirk and Spock fight to the death. What more do I need to say?

Favorite Line: "The air is the air. What can be done?"
# 1 The Doomsday Machine - A wandering, automated planet-killing machine takes out the U.S.S. Constellation, will its captain bring the Enterprise down too? I pretty much love everything about this episode--the acting, the 60s effects, the music--everything. It may be my top TOS Trek episode from any of the three seasons.

Favorite Line: "No, I'm a doctor, not a mechanic."

Honorable Mentions: The Changeling was on this list, but got bumped. Return to Tomorrow was also a strong contender, if for no other reason, than for Kirk's Risk Speech. It's that awesome.

All-in-all, season two was pretty good. Yes, there were some turkeys, but most of them had something wonderful here and there.
It took me almost a year to cover the first season of Star Trek and almost two and a half years to get through blogging about season two. At this rate, I'll be finishing up season three.....well, who knows, but I'm planning on picking up the pace.

Since I'm covering the episodes in production order, season three will begin with Spectre of the Gun.

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