Saturday, February 2, 2013

Las Vegas, NV: Crazy Bright or Insanely Crazy Bright?

Check out this new view of Las Vegas from Canadian ISS astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield:

He tweeted/posted this photo on January 23rd saying "here's Las Vegas late at night. Even my NightPod camera found the lights too bright." Yeah, they are too bright indeed.

The guy is all over social media and is posting lots of nighttime and daytime shots of Earth from space, so if you are into that you should follow him and like him and stuff. Find him here on Facebook and on Twitter as @Cmdr_Hadfield. He's on G+ too, but I rarely hang out there and didn't bother to look him up. Sorry.

As for Vegas, there is little or no control of lighting there. The opposite is encouraged. Its glow can be seen on the ground for hundreds of miles away disrupting ecosystems and brightening skies that would otherwise be dark. What shines in Vegas does not stay in Vegas.

My previous post about Las Vegas from December, 2011: Cities From Space - Las Vegas, NV is the most popular one that I have had on this blog, with over 1,700 page views so far. I know, that's not much, but it is a small blog. I also mentioned Vegas in my post Which Cities Have Lighting Controls? You can Spot them from Space.

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