Monday, April 22, 2013

Raptors in the Hood

Back in February I posted about the wonderful Raptors Free Flight "show" at the Arizona-Senora Desert Museum (ASDM).  It really was a great experience to see so many magnificent birds up close.

Of course, I live in the desert and sometimes I don't have to make a visit to see them, they instead come to me.

Here's a Cooper's Hawk that was recently surveying the landscape from our back wall.
The Cooper's Hawk is not unique to the desert environment and is not a part of the experience at the ASDM. It is sometimes referred to as a "chicken hawk." Perhaps that is why I have never seen Foghorn Leghorn in these here parts.

Back to Raptors. Today we had a Ferruginous Hawk perched on our next door neighbor's roof. Thankfully it stayed long enough for me to grab my camera & zoom lens.
 Once it started leaning into the wind, I knew that it would soon be taking flight and I managed to catch it just after take off:
Happy Earth Day!

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