Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Return of the Hawk

I posted some pics yesterday of a Harris's Hawk that came to visit our back yard. I ended the post by saying "Hopefully someday soon I will get the chance to catch it again." I didn't imagine that I would see it the very next day. I couldn't resist taking more shots last evening. Here are a few of them.
I took photos from inside looking through a window and then quietly stepped outside to take a few more. The bird was certainly aware of me being outside, as he was looking right at me.

I wasn't making any moves to approach it, so it could get back to its task of looking for its next meal and showing off the amazing range of motion in its neck.
I certainly hope that it finds good hunting and becomes a regular visitor in our area.
Here's a crop of the full frame shown above:
Beautiful, isn't it?

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