Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Pair of Planets & a Comet are Rockin' the Winter Sky

If you've got clear skies, be sure to check out the continuing show that Venus & Mercury are putting on in the west just after sunset.  Here's a shot I took earlier this evening with my DSLR:
The crescent Moon will appear with these planets on January 21. The gathering of worlds should look pretty sweet.

Comet Lovejoy continues to slowly swing past the Pleiades (aka The Seven Sisters) star cluster. Here's how the looked just a short while ago:
Yeah, it's the blue-green dot under its name. It has changed it's position quite a bit since the photo I posted three nights ago. The comet is almost directly overhear now once the sky is fully dark in the evening. It has got a tail, but don't expect to see it visually. The Moon will start to ruin the view in about a week, so get out there and take a look.

Here's a link on how to spot if for yourself. You'll also see some spectacular images of the comet there this link has even more great comet pics.

Jupiter is in the sky too, being the brightest "star" in the eastern sky. This giant is best enjoyed when viewed through a telescope.  

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